Bernina 350 PE Sewing Machine (Best Overall)
  • When it comes to choosing the best Bernina sewing machine, Bernina 350 PE crosses my mind with no second thought. It can be considered the signature model of Bernina brand since it covers almost every great characteristic that a Bernina product contains.
  • To guarantee you with stylish sewing from the first seam, Bernina 350 PE offers you a stitch library of numerous stitches including 191 pre-programmed patterns, 18 utility stitches, and 3 high-precise automatic buttonholes, stating the 350 PE not just a useful companion in everyday patchwork but also a designer’s assistant.
  • Those stitch styles are well displayed on a black backlit LCD screen and easily selected by a very intuitive control panel. The most common 10 patterns are numbered and illustrated for your quick selection.
  • The smartest function that counts here how Bernina 350 PE makes room for 30 stitch-pattern combinations in its permanent built-in storage. Your favorite and frequent used stitch designs can be saved and available for the next use.
  • Coming with an extra-large table, Bernina 350 PE brings you a comfortable workplace for large-format projects while the LED lights will illuminate on your needle area for detail work on dark colored sewing materials.
  • Every function is built smartly for your optimal sewing experience. The needle threader that reduces eye fatigue from manual threading is also toughly constructed to confront heavy-duty material. The standard Free Arm that tackles cylindrical items like pants legs or sleeves can be activated with just a touch on a button.
Bernette B37 Sewing Machine (Best Compact)
  • The Bernette B37 standouts among the most small-sized yet versatile computer-controlled sewing machines in the market.
  • Comes in a very eye-catching, lightweight yet well-constructed design, the Bernette B37 is simple to operate but full of crucial functions. It has more than 50 distinguish stitches including 17 utility and stretch stitches, 2 darning, 7 quilting, 19 decorative stitches and 5 buttonholes that bestow you a handful of solutions for your sewing projects. The stretch stitches are highlighted on its capability of dealing with elastic jersey fabrics.
  • The presser foot pressure can be adjusted when it comes to sensitive sewing materials. Coping up with multiple layer fabrics is not a big deal to the Bernette 37 thanks to its 2-step pressure foot lift.
  • The Bernette B37 is very easy to navigate with some buttons on its front. You can supervise the existing stitch, stitch length and stitch width via the LCD screen. You can also use the start/stop button to sew instead of the foot control.
Bernette 33 Swiss Design Sewing Machine (Best for Beginners)
  • Simplicity is well defined in this Bernette 33 Swiss design sewing machine. Here beginners can find their first sewing companion that not just meets up their basic needs but will lever their skills.
  • The Bernette 33 is a mechanical sewing machine that says no to complication while sewing. It is featured with the semi-automatic threader that can partly take you off the frustration of threading through the tiny needle eye. The Bernette 33 owns a front-load bobbin so that you can supervise the shortage of threads.
  • Featured with 2 knobs at the front, this model allows you to choose from 15 patterns, 14 utility stitches, and 4-step buttonholes as well as customize stitch sizes while referring to the most commonly used designs described on the machine body.
  • Simple but rich in functions, the Bernette 33 offers you a reverse lever for stitch reinforcement, a manual thread cutter for easy trimming, and a surprising maximum stitch speed of 850 SPM to have your projects completed in day one.
  • The Bernette 33 comes in the package with a box including the top-notch quality accessories to assure your full solutions for your sewing purposes.
Bernette 35 Swiss Design Sewing Machine (Best for Budget)
  • Comes in a very friendly-pocket price, Bernette 35 Swiss Design sewing machine is the perfect choice for seamstresses who want a fresh start in a budget.
  • The Bernette 35 is a mechanical sewing machine specified for fitting in new sewers’ budget. Despite being listed as one of the most inexpensive sewing machines of Bernina, the Bernette 35 consist of 23 stitches and seven presser feet (soles)
  • There are 3 knobs featured on the front to adjust the width, length, and pattern of the stitch. Using a wheel, you can modify the tension while sewing.
  • The Bernette 35 has 23 stitches and an automatic one-step buttonhole function, which is quite limited but are all fundamental stitches to serve your creative ideas.
  • There are 7 snap-on presser feet and 1 stable presser foot shank in accessories box to appropriately map to your sewing purposes. To sew through thick fabrics, you can use the 2-step presser foot lift, while the powerful motor of the Bernette 35 allows your needle to work on any kind of materials.
Bernette 38 Swiss Design Sewing Machine (Best Computerized Sewing Machine)
  • Claimed as the top model in the Bernette 30 series, the Bernette 38 stands for computerized models that offer a wide array of functions that mostly are automated.
  • The Bernette 38 gives you a great selection of 394 different stitches consisting of decorative, utility, buttonholes and stretch stitches which are highlighted for elastic fabrics.
  • 8 one-step buttonholes and three alphabetical fonts for monogramming projects are featured on this model. All the combinations of patterns can be saved in the memory for later access. Some features like backlit LED sewing light and needle threader are also automated.
  • The most impressive function I found in this model is the automatic thread cutter and tie-off function. Just press on a button and your thread will be trimmed, then select the tie-off button to have your thread tied off at its end.
  • Capable of reaching the maximum stitch speed of 820 SPM, the Bernette 38 allows you to regulate the speed with a few touches on the control panel. To apply your needle to the presser foot, just hit the button to kick off double-needle mode and switch from single to dual-needle function.
  • To deal with some delicate materials, you had better modify the presser foot pressure. An extension table is attached to the sewing machine, giving you a more comfortable working space to tackle large surface projects.
Bernina B580E Embroidery Machine (Best for Embroidery)
  • Bernina B580E Embroidery has brought embroidery to the next level and will overwhelm the most creative seamstresses with a wide range of pattern designs and stitches modifications.
  • For it is an embroidery machine, the most highlighted features of this model are the library of 838 stitches in total including 100 adaptable embroidery designs, 7 alphabets for embroidery and 7 alphabets for sewing. Those patterns can be selected by twisting one knob. The lower knob is for stitch length adjustment. 
  • The modern touchscreen is located straight to your eye for your easy supervision of stitch styles and stitch width. All the stitches can be rotated, mirrored, resized and sewn at the maximum width of 9mm, assuring your patterns to be bold and impressive. A stitch regulator is included in the accessory box to ensure top-notch quality for free-motion quilting. 
  • Bernina B580E Embroidery will smartly memorize all your movements on pattern designs and be available for you to apply next time.
Bernina 530 Sewing & Quilting Machine (Best for Sewing and Quilting)
  • Bernina 530 sewing and quilting machine is the best of both worlds for it is excelling in both regular stitching tasks and creating beautiful quilts.
  • Coming loaded with 148 stitches consisting of 22 utility, 117 decorative including 12 quilting stitches, the Bernina 530 offers you multiple solutions for making different seams. 10 usually used patterns are featured on separate buttons and numbered for your easy selection.  
  • This model also has a memory to save your temporary and even permanent pattern designs for later use.  
  • Needle can be automatedly threaded through the needle eye. 11 needle position, stitch length and width is adjusted freely with a very intuitive control panel and can be reviewed on the LED screen.  
  • You can match stitch parameters solely to the sewing fabric and your desired effect to achieve your sewing intentions.  
  • The bobbin can be wound while the sewing machine is working so you don’t have to bother turning on and off and distracting yourself. If you don’t want to stitch with a foot control, let’s use the Start/stop button instead. A free-arm table extension is also featured to support you in dealing with tube-shaped items.
Bernina Artista 630E Sewing Machine (Best Multi-Functional Sewing Machine)
  • Bernina Artista 630E is a multi-talented workhorse that tackles every need for fabric embellishment. This is also one of the most sophisticated sewing machines that challenge quilting and embroidery projects Bernina has ever offered!
  • You can be overwhelmed with 480 stitches, 7 buttonholes and 70 built-in embroidery designs provided in this model. Thanks to the USB interface, a thousand designs can be downloaded online and easily applied to your projects.  
  • A large, colored LCD touchscreen allows you to mix those patterns and create as your wishes. Stitch length and width can be adjusted by the multi-functional knobs.  
  • The Bernina stitch regulator is optional but can enhance the smooth and evenness the stitches to be smoother and even, while the speed control can help you reach the maximum embroidery speed of 680 SPM. This model is also featured with a start/stop button that gives you an escape from foot control.
Bernette Sew and Go 1 Swiss Design Sewing Machine (Best for Travel)
  • Light enough to carry for traveler sewers, at the first look you can mistake it to a sewing toy, but it turns out a perfect option for new-entry sewers to “sew and go”.
  • Bernette Sew and Go 1 is a mechanical sewing machine that stands out for its compactness and portability. Beginners will have it accompanied to their first sewing classes since it possesses enough features for your practice.  
  • There are 10 stitches including a 4-step buttonhole, and a maximum stitch width of 5 mm featured in Bernette Sew and Go 1. Those stitch styles can be chosen by dialing a button in the front of the machine.  
  • Comes as standard of this device are 4 presser feet and 2-step presser foot lift. This sewing machine provides adequate fundamental functions at a very reasonable price.
Bernina 830 Embroidery & Sewing Machine (Best for Large Working Area)
  • It’s not just big, it’s also claimed as another best of both worlds. Bernina 830 is taking lead in combining embroidery and sewing functions in one machine.
  • Sewers and embroiderers find this model satisfactory since it offers a 50% larger working space than other sewing machines. The detachable embroidery module is 40 inches long. The quilters can find it pretty high with the foot lift of 15mm.  
  • The maximum stitching speed of Bernina 830 is 1,100 SPM. For embroidery, the speed is 1,000 SPM. This model has the speed of industrial sewing machines but creates no vibration or lousy noise.  
  • Compatible with the large working area, the Bernina 830’s bobbin is extra big to handle 40% more thread capacity than other sewing machines’. Stitches can be sewn in a 360-degree direction.  
  • And the touch screen feature on the front gives you high-quality graphics of stitch information.  
  • Multiple layers or thick fabric are not big deals to users thanks to the dual feed system. And you will find lots of embroidery designs and hoops in the accessories pouch.
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