EQ6-R – Fully Computerized GoTo German Equatorial Telescope Mount – Belt-driven, Motorized, Computerized Hand Controller with 42,900+ Celestial Object Database
  • PRECISE, ACCURATE GOTO: Computerized, motorized GoTo German equatorial telescope mount capable of accurately tracking astronomical objects for both visual observing and astrophotography.
  • BELT-DRIVEN MOTORS: Belt-driven stepper motors provide whisper-quiet slewing with renowned precision and accuracy while virtually eliminating Periodic Error.
  • 44-POUND PAYLOAD: Beefy, all-metal construction provides 44-pound payload capacity, perfect for all but the heaviest optical tubes.
  • BUILT-IN POLAR FINDERSCOPE: Built-in illuminated polar finderscope provides quick and easy polar alignment.
  • 42,000+ OBJECT DATABASE: SynScan hand controller with 42,000+ object database will keep even the most experienced astronomer busy for countless observing nights. Tripod Leg Diameter: 2″.Power Type: 12V (4 amp minimum). Latitude Range (degrees): May-65. Mounting Saddle Type: D/V
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Built-in handle for easy transportation and quick setup.
  • AUTOMATE DSLR EXPOSURES: SNAP port allows for fully automated, remote controlled DSLR camera operation.
Sky-Watcher Skymax 102mm Maksutov-Cassegrain - Large Aperture Compound-Style Reflector Telescope
  • EXPERTLY MATCHED OPTICS: The Skymax series of Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tubes features matched primary and secondary mirrors with an expertly coated corrector plate that delivers contrast-rich views with charcoal-black skies.
  • 94% REFLECTIVITY MIRROR COATINGS: Using a borosilicate primary mirror with an aluminum coating and a quartz overcoat, Sky-Watcher Maksutov-Cassegrains produce a 94% reflectivity rating for outstanding light transmission.
  • VIXEN-STYLE DOVETAIL: An industry standard, the Vixen-style dovetail is the most commonly used dovetail plate for astronomy. In addition to this, all Maksutov-Cassegrains come with a ¼-20 tripod thread under each dovetail bar, allowing users to mount to most photographic tripods.
  • FULLY BAFFLED TUBE: Utilizing a fully-baffled tube, Sky-Watcher Maksutovs prevent stray light from interfering with your viewing experience.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The 102mm Skymax Maksutov-Cassegrain comes equipped with everything you need to get started, including: 10mm and 25mm 1.25-inch eyepieces, red-dot finder, 90-degree star diagonal, and a padded carrying bag.
Sky-Watcher Explorer-130ps (Az5) 130mm (5.1") F/5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Telescope
  • Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x26 & x65
  • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x260
  • Diameter of Primary Mirror: 130mm, AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Mount & Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray
  • 30% more Light Gathering than 114mm, Red Dot Finder
  • Telescope Focal Length: 650mm (f/5), Eyepieces Supplied: 10mm & 25mm
SkyWatcher S20530 Star Adventurer Latitude (EQ) Base, Telescope Accessory, Black
  • Star Adventurer accessory
  • V-style dovetail plate
  • Micro-adjustment knobs
  • Latitude adjustment lock
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini – Motorized DSLR Night Sky Tracking Mount For Nightscapes, Time-lapse, and Panoramas
  • PORTABLE NIGHTSCAPE TRACKING PLATFORM: Motorized portable nightscape tracking platform perfect for capturing incredible detail of the Milky Way, eclipses and other astronomical objects.
  • WIFI ENABLED SMARTPHONE CONTROL: Wife enabled allowing for smartphone control using Sky-Watcher Mini’s free SynScan app, compatible with Android and iOD devices.
  • ATTACH ANY BALL HEAD: Easily mount any ball-head using the included ball-head adapter.
  • WIDE-FIELD ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY: The unique, modular design allows for integration with existing photographic tripods. Wide-field astrophotography as well as time lapse video are all possible with the Star Adventurer Mini (Sam).
  • INCLUDED POLAR SCOPE: Included polar scope with illuminator allows for easy and accurate alignment with Polaris.
  • RUGGED BRASS AND ALUMINUM GEARS: Rugged brass and aluminum gears provide smooth, motorized, night sky tracking for easy, portable nightscape and eclipse photography.
  • BUILT-IN AA BATTERY COMPARTMENT: Built-in AA battery compartment provides reliable mobile power for up to 24 hours and an additional 5v mini-USB input allows for external power source using a cell phone charger or other device.
SkyWatcher S20204 Quattro Coma Corrector (Black)
  • f/4 ED coma corrector
  • FPL51 and Schott glass
  • Optimized for Quattro imaging Newtonians
  • Requires 55mm backfocus
  • Canon and Nikon adapters available (sold separately)
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Latitude (EQ) Base Combo Kit with Counterweight
  • Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Latitude (EQ) Base – Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Counterweight Kit
  • Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Latitude (EQ) Base Combo Kit with Counterweight
SkyWatcher S20560 Star Adventurer Dec Bracket, Telescope Accessory, Black & S20540 Star Adventurer Counter Weight Kit, Telescope Accessory, Black
  • Dec bracket for Star Adventurer mount
  • Necessary for use with counterweight kit
  • Fine adjustment Dec knob
  • Locking clutch
  • Star Adventurer accessory
  • 2.25 pound counterweight with threaded counterweight shaft
  • Counterweight kit for Star Adventurer mount
SkyWatcher S20560 Star Adventurer Dec Bracket, Telescope Accessory, Black, Single
  • Dec bracket for Star Adventurer mount
  • Necessary for use with counterweight kit
  • Fine adjustment Dec knob
  • Locking clutch
  • ¼-20 threaded post
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